Saturday, December 29, 2012

Toy Kitchen

I have so much to share that I still can't! I can't wait till February to share pictures of our family!! For now here are a couple pics of the toy kitchen we built for Minnie. It turned out exactly like the vision in my head, thanks to my personal carpenter, the Farmer. Here is the only before shot I took..... sorry.
This was a small tv cabinet with glass doors on the front and a swivel top so the tv could move around. We had already removed the doors and the top before I got this pic.....again, sorry.

Now for the after, because I didn't take a single during pic.......... bad blogger, sorry.
So, we used the board that swiveled as the oven door and a divider for the oven and the shelves. We used the magnetic thingies (technically correct word, of course) as the closure for the oven. It works great. I didnt take a pic inside, but we used old wire shelving for a rack. The sides and back are left over beadboard from my pantry redo (I haven't blogged about that either, sorry). The shelves were some I have had for years that I never found a home for. The sink is a dog food bowl. The knobs for the stove and the faucet came from Lowes. The faucet was the most expensive thing for the whole project. If I had planned better I would have gone to the Habitat store. Oh well, I probably spent less since I didn't burn the gas to go there. The stove eyes are cds, I just hot glued them for now, so far so good! The window was made of scraps, it is open on the top so I can change out the scene. For now it is snowing outside, haha! I sewed the curtains, a potholder, and an apron out of the same fabric. I don't looove it but the colors match my kitchen so it will do for now. I made some felt and fabric food too! So far, bowtie pasta, ravioli, strawberries, and eggs. I didnt use any real patterns but the general ideas found on pinterest and other blogs. I am not the one to teach how to sew, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. It usually works out. I got various accessories from walmart and the dollar tree. The mickey mouse salt and pepper shakers came from target. I knew Minnie would looove them.
She is sooo tiny! I like decorating the shelves since she can't reach them!!!
The kitchen total cost was almost $50. Not bad for a one of a kind awesome toy that will be used for a long time. All the accessories was another $20. So it was still way cheaper than a comparable storebought version.
I forgot to take a pic of the fridge. We have a small antique icebox that a friend was throwing away, so I spray painted it white and the inside aqua blue. Minnie keeps here plastic fruits and veggies in there.
So there it is! Come on over and play some time!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Engagement Shoot

Had a great  shoot with a sweet couple! They were very patient with me and went along with my ideas even when they didn't work out!!!
These are straight out of the camera. I am trying to learn how to use picasa to glam it up.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Welcome Home Party

So it has been a whirlwind month!!! The kids are finally here and we are all adjusting. We are counting our blessings and things are going so much better than we could have expected. So here are a couple pics of the party. I took none during the party so I have to thank the Farmer's sister (you know who you are) for taking pics for us. I had lots of help in preparing and during the party too, so thanks to all of you who stepped in to help. Much love y'all!

I made super yummy cupcakes.... chocolate, vanilla, and pumpkin spice!!! They were a big hit! And the candy bar was a big hit too!

This last pic is the best I can do for now till we can legally post pics online. Trust me, they are cute!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


So I cant post pictures of our newest additions yet! But I thought I could get away with this picture because you can't see their faces but you can definitely see their excitement when Daddy got to the park!!

chair before and after after

So actually this is  an after after and and after after after.... allow me to explain.

These chairs came from a consignment/antique store in the next town over. I bought them for school chairs for the boys. Originally they were yellow with loooovely blue fabric that had yellow flowers. I may have a picture of that somewhere.

So i painted them black and put fabric that met each boys approval, one was Elvis inspired the other was spiders. Those of you who know my kids personally will know which chair was for which boy.

Then I took the chairs away from them and painted them white and put some caauutte fabric on them that my sister bought me for my birthday. Then I didn't really love them. They sat neglected, moved around the house, used mostly by the cats.

Now I have found at least one of them a new identity!!! He is definitely a boy, and is rocking it in the revamped boy room, to be revealed later. I recovered him in denim. I liked the idea of using old jeans but i didnt have any that I could spare, so he may get another makeover one day. I like the look and usefulness of pockets. Wouldnt that be cool??

Would you like to actually see a picture now???
So the chair on the left was what both chairs looked like and the one on the right is the denim. The cat is just nosy.
Bonus picture: the chair and the new chalkboard wall. Except it is actually in the master because I thought we would move the three boys to the master and then we didn't. So although there is a chalkboard wall in their room, this one is in my room. And I think I may keep it, at least until I get enough energy to repaint my room again!!

More pictures to come soon!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Just got the phone call we have been waiting nearly two years for! We were picked to adopt two foster siblings! I cannot describe the feeling I have right now! Shock and Awe!

The boys can't seem to focus on their work! My mind is going a million different directions!

I cant wait to share pictures, but that will have to wait till they are ours!

Two cool things I want to remember. One is that their foster mom homeschools, so that may be a factor in our finally being chosen. Two is the biggest reason she did not adopt them herself is because every night the boy would pray for a dad, he has never had one and his foster mom is single. She gave up keeping them to give him his dream. I hope Farmer is up for the challenge! This boy has some expectations of what a dad does and we aim to please!

So now we will have Farmer boys 1,2, and 3 and a Farmer's Daughter!

Prayers are always answered, either yes, no, or wait! So all the times we prayed for certain kids God was telling us to wait. He had our kids in mind all along!

I am excited to begin this journey! Our eyes are open, we know it wont be an easy road, but we are ready!

Farmer's Wife

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Morning

So we needed a new family pic to go along with our homestudy. Hopefully it will help the staff like us and actually pick us for a child or children!!!

I had to take the opportunity while we were all fresh and clean before getting dressed for church! We ran outside, plopped on a blanket, and I set the camera on a stepladder and set the timer. I should have kept some of the funny shots when I was trying to sit down, fix my hair, and shoo the cat!!!

My knees are wet because I kneeled down before I thought about the ground being wet!

I think it is cute, considering we don't have any recent pictures of our family. I really need to take more pics of my kids. They are growing so fast!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pageant Pics

Just some cute shots I took of a friends daughter for a pageant. She is a cutie!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012-13 Curriculum

A Little Schoolhouse 2012-2013 Curriculum

I have decided to finally use this blog I have been saving for a couple of years. I guess I just needed to start somewhere! This post is so I can begin recording what we study each year.This will be our 4th year homeschooling! Wow! I am becoming more confident as we go even though we are entering the more challenging years. I have seen my focus for our family shift to more spiritual growth allowing academics to come alongside after. It has made a world of difference in all our attitudes!

We are using Ambleside Online year 6 as our base with other books added or removed as needed. Studying Modern day, then beginning again with ancients. Both boys are in the same AO year, with the 8th grader doing higher math and science, and additional grammar work.

BIBLEContinue reading through the Bible in a year Continue sermon work
Book of Acts
Life of Paul

Historical speeches and long passages of scripture, TBD

Shakespeare play, King Lear
Plutarch lives: Pericles, Fabius, Nicias

History/History Tales/ Biographies
What Everyone should know about the 20th Century, Axlerod (selections)
Tales from Ancient Egypt,, Green
Augustus Caesar’s World, Foster
The Story of the Greeks, Guerber
Genesis, Finding our Roots, Beechick
Augustus Caesar’s World, Foster
The Story of the Romans, Guerber
Never Give In, Churchill, Mansfield

 Watch The Sound of Music(T1), Swiss Family Robinson(T1) The Ten Commandments(T1), The Hobbit(T2), Ben Hur(T3)

Book of Centuries
Begin new book with study of ancients.

Book of Marvels, the Orient, Halliburton
Missionary Travels, Livingston
Bible maps, Wall Maps, journaling

Natural History/Science
Handbook of Nature Study, Comstock
Nature journaling
School of the Woods, Long
The Sea Around Us, Carson (skipping over evolution in chapter 1)
C 6th grade Apologia General Science with labs and journaling
E 8th grade Apologia Physical Science with labs and journaling

Science Biography
Albert Einstein and the theory of relativity, Cwiklik
Archimedes and the Door of Science, Bendick
Galileo and the Magic Numbers, Rosen

C 6th grade: continue MOTL, using Khan Academy
E 8th grade: Algebra 1, Foerester, with home study companion cd from Math without borders


Penmanship/Copywork/Spelling Dictation
Spelling Wisdom, vol 1-5

Gardening, Farming, Cooking, Automobile maintenance
 Foreign Language

Finish Getting Started with Latin, Linney
Begin First year of Latin, Gunnison and Harley, with Linney lectures online
Boys may study chosen languages of Mandarin and German in their free time.

T1 Robert Frost
T2 Carl Sandburg
T3 Alfred Noyes

We will read selected poems and discuss, some memorization, and adding to journals.

Art/ Composer

Renoir/ Debussy
Ruisdael & Hooch / Bach
Seurat/ Opera Overtures

We will look at/ listen to selections during lunch and tea time, then add journal entries and drawings.

Age of Fable, Bulfinch, finish book this year
The Hobbit, Tolkien
Call of the Wild
Animal Farm, Orwell
Swiss Family Robinson
(Iliad)Tales of Troy and Greece, Lang
Ben Hur

Additional Reading

The Cat of Bubastes, Henty
Joel, A boy from Galilee

Fairyland of Science
Tom Sawyer, Twain
Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry
Miracle on Maple Hill
Von Trapp Family Singers
Snow Treasure
Rob Roy
Huckleberry Finn, Twain
Little Men, Alcott
Jack and Jill, Alcott
Cricket on the Hearth, Dickens
20 thousand Leagues under the Sea
God’s Smuggler
Carry on Mr. Bowditch
Goodbye Mr. Chips
Number the Stars