Friday, May 24, 2013

School Days

just wanted to put a couple pictures on line to preserve them for posterity. or whatever.
Farmer boy is absolutely going to get elective credits for car maintenance! Here is evidence that he was changing the oil in the van. Child labor at its finest!
The next picture is evidence that we did kindergarten work! We have loved using Five in a Row and are so grateful to friends who were willing to lend us not only FIAR books but the books that go with them!! What you see is a mass of story disks, for geography! This has been the easiest and most fun way to connect stories that otherwise could be totally unrelated.  I absolutely plan to do this again when Minnie starts "formal" education. =P

Sorry for the flash, no natural light in the hallway. This is showing two years of geography for the big boys. We used Richard Halliburton's Book of Marvels, the occident and the orient. This was recommended by the same amazing friend who lent us FIAR! Along with keeping journals of each place visited, we would put a pin in the map and keep a red thread going from place to place. There are 60 locations, 30 per year. some were too close for their own pin. I can't think about what the wall behind looks like!!

so just a little evidence of what school we managed to get through during these crazy times.