Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dear Future Daughters-In-Law

As I watch my little boys grow up to be men, I reflect on how I have tried to prepare them for life. It is very important to me that they have well-rounded skills that will be helpful to them as husbands.

Lifeskills, if you will, that will be useful to them and also be appreciated by their wives. My husband has been consistent to teach them manly things, yet he was never taught to notice or do things that would have helped me out around the house, especially when i had just given birth, or was working a night shift.

So the list of things he has been teaching them includes minor car repair, and maintenance, yard work, small engine work, plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, farm maintenance, driving a stick, etc. I am eternally grateful to have married a man with these skills. He has saved us countless dollars by being an all around amazing handyman.

He has also led them on the path of a strong Christian man. They know what a faithful Christian leader looks like, and they have been practicing diligently in prayer and study and worship. They see how their dad leads our family, yet works together with their mama to lead their home.

I have added to those skills the daily, often overlooked kind of skills, like cooking, meal planning, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning a bathroom, first aid, babysitting, managing money, sewing, reading for pleasure, etc.

I want you to know that I have put my heart into preparing them for you. Whether they retain these skills, or recognize when they are needed, is on them. They cannot plead ignorance when there are no clean plates, or underwear. So don't let em fool ya!

I am so excited at the thought of having precious ladies in our family who are loved deeply by my sons. I look forward to sweet babies that I can spoil and love on! You are the reason I can let go of my sadness over the passing of time. I cannot wait to know you!

P.S.  Dear Future Son-In-Law.......... Good Luck!