Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Just got the phone call we have been waiting nearly two years for! We were picked to adopt two foster siblings! I cannot describe the feeling I have right now! Shock and Awe!

The boys can't seem to focus on their work! My mind is going a million different directions!

I cant wait to share pictures, but that will have to wait till they are ours!

Two cool things I want to remember. One is that their foster mom homeschools, so that may be a factor in our finally being chosen. Two is the biggest reason she did not adopt them herself is because every night the boy would pray for a dad, he has never had one and his foster mom is single. She gave up keeping them to give him his dream. I hope Farmer is up for the challenge! This boy has some expectations of what a dad does and we aim to please!

So now we will have Farmer boys 1,2, and 3 and a Farmer's Daughter!

Prayers are always answered, either yes, no, or wait! So all the times we prayed for certain kids God was telling us to wait. He had our kids in mind all along!

I am excited to begin this journey! Our eyes are open, we know it wont be an easy road, but we are ready!

Farmer's Wife

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Morning

So we needed a new family pic to go along with our homestudy. Hopefully it will help the staff like us and actually pick us for a child or children!!!

I had to take the opportunity while we were all fresh and clean before getting dressed for church! We ran outside, plopped on a blanket, and I set the camera on a stepladder and set the timer. I should have kept some of the funny shots when I was trying to sit down, fix my hair, and shoo the cat!!!

My knees are wet because I kneeled down before I thought about the ground being wet!

I think it is cute, considering we don't have any recent pictures of our family. I really need to take more pics of my kids. They are growing so fast!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pageant Pics

Just some cute shots I took of a friends daughter for a pageant. She is a cutie!