Thursday, October 18, 2012


So I cant post pictures of our newest additions yet! But I thought I could get away with this picture because you can't see their faces but you can definitely see their excitement when Daddy got to the park!!

chair before and after after

So actually this is  an after after and and after after after.... allow me to explain.

These chairs came from a consignment/antique store in the next town over. I bought them for school chairs for the boys. Originally they were yellow with loooovely blue fabric that had yellow flowers. I may have a picture of that somewhere.

So i painted them black and put fabric that met each boys approval, one was Elvis inspired the other was spiders. Those of you who know my kids personally will know which chair was for which boy.

Then I took the chairs away from them and painted them white and put some caauutte fabric on them that my sister bought me for my birthday. Then I didn't really love them. They sat neglected, moved around the house, used mostly by the cats.

Now I have found at least one of them a new identity!!! He is definitely a boy, and is rocking it in the revamped boy room, to be revealed later. I recovered him in denim. I liked the idea of using old jeans but i didnt have any that I could spare, so he may get another makeover one day. I like the look and usefulness of pockets. Wouldnt that be cool??

Would you like to actually see a picture now???
So the chair on the left was what both chairs looked like and the one on the right is the denim. The cat is just nosy.
Bonus picture: the chair and the new chalkboard wall. Except it is actually in the master because I thought we would move the three boys to the master and then we didn't. So although there is a chalkboard wall in their room, this one is in my room. And I think I may keep it, at least until I get enough energy to repaint my room again!!

More pictures to come soon!!!